Your Season Will Come

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God’s word says there is a time and a season for everything (and everyone) under the heavens. As it is with the climate where we experience a change of seasons periodically during the year, so it is with our lives. We all experience seasons at one time or the other in our lives. What season are you experiencing today?

For some of us, we may be experiencing seasons of drought, for some it is a season of tears, still for some, ours may be a season of heartbreak and disappointment by the people we love. Whatever it is you are going through right now, don’t despair – because just like the climate you will surely experience a season of sunshine; of blessings; of breakthroughs; of love; of laughter. You just need to hang on, and not give up faith.

Perhaps you are reading this and thinking, “This can’t happen to me. I have been facing this season for too long now.” “There’s no hope for me at all”, and so on. I want you to know that miracles do happen. And no matter how long and dark a night is, there will certainly be day break. There’s always sunshine after the rainfall – but then even the rain has its purpose, it wasn’t at all wasted.

With this in mind, instead of crying and complaining about the hardship seasons, the disappointments, let us try and look for the gold in our present conditions. Remember the scripture says for everything there is a purpose. So let us seek for the lessons embedded inside our present conditions. In my own life, I have faced and experienced difficulties too. Many times I have been laughed at and looked down upon, but in spite of everything, I try to always ask, “What lessons am I to learn from this situation?” “What is the purpose of this challenge?

You see with this new attitude, I can find a way to laugh rather than cry, because it gives me a new perspective to view life. And even when I cannot find immediate answers to my questions, I am confident in the truth that just like climatic seasons, my life seasons must pass and give way to refreshing ones. And I know yours will come too. Live your greatest life!


17 thoughts on “Your Season Will Come”

  1. How I know Gods word is confirmed in my life is when I’m almost giving up he uses inpirational quotes,messages… give me hop and I become stronger again.thanks Vincent God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ more


  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking “It’s Hard Being Me”. I feel like we’re on the same wavelength — the Biblical passage you’ve chosen from Corinthians is one of my favorites. It’s one I read at my brother-in-law’s funeral, it’s hopeful, yet realistic. Seasons change and so do we. Most of us will experience all the seasons of life and how we come through them shapes the people we are always becoming.


    1. Yes you are right Barbara, everyone’s season will come in due time. We need to be ready for it, and recognize it when it shows up. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Blessings.

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  3. Understanding the principle of times and seasons helps us embrace hope for a brighter future. If God says his plans for us are good we can be sure they really. Even if what we are passing through is not God-sent, they can surely be God-used!
    Thanks for sharing this!


  4. Thanks Vincent . . . I really needed that! Sometimes we need to be reminded that no matter what is going on in our lives, God is always in charge, and He will bring us through the darkness into the light . . . His mercy never fails.


  5. Such a post full of life, and hope, backed up by the Word! I must say, in addition to that, my take is that you are very good writer. Very enjoyable to read. The dynamic of seasons, from the scriptures’ perspective is nothing less than profound. The metaphorical use of seasons connects with the Word, and illuminates the hope for redemptive change. T


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