Don’t Let Your Past Ruin Your Future

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One of the major causes of depression is always dwelling our minds on the missed opportunities or the many chances we didn’t take in the past. Little wonder the scripture instructs us to forget the past and turn our backs on the former things we had lost, the missed chances or opportunities.

Folks whatever your past has been, forget it. Because always going back to the past can cast a shadow on the present, and cause us to live in sadness, and in ingratitude. “There’s nothing more foolish, nothing more wicked than to drag the skeletons of the past, the hideous images, the foolish deeds, the unfortunate experiences of yesterday into today’s work to mar and spoil it.”

For some of us, this is why our relationships don’t ever work. I remember a time I was in a relationship with someone who always stores up all my “sins” and misdeeds of the past and reel them out anytime I wrong her. She will remind me of what I did a month, a year ago and so on. And I always thought to myself that if God acted this way with us, will we ever be alive today?

There are people who are stuck in the past. Physically they are in 2015, but their minds are still in 2014, or way back in 2005, when they failed an examination, or an interview, or when their spouse left them. They keep brooding over the events and blame themselves for everything that went wrong. Folks the fact that we failed once or twice, or thrice…even repeatedly in our lives doesn’t make us failures. Imagine the wonders we could do with our lives if we only forgot the past. If we could be courageous enough to shut the door on our past mistakes or failures and start our lives afresh.

Have you missed a golden opportunity? Don’t worry others will come. Don’t buy into the belief that “Opportunity comes only ones in our lives.” Because as long as you are alive, life’s going to present you with new opportunities, but you need to clear your mind of the negative thinking; the anger; the frustration; the sadness; the pessimism in order to realize them.

Remember, you were created for greatness. But no one can achieve greatness unless he or she is in a happy state of mind. We do our best work in life when we are happy. Worry, anger, and frustration, are all enemies of achievement. They drain our energies and we must get rid of them if we want to live our greatest lives.

22 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Past Ruin Your Future”

  1. I believe it all depends on what our past is, I realize we cannot live in nor change the past, but the past is part of our lives and why we are who we are.
    Yes, imedded in my past are heart wrenching times, the darkest of hours, sadness and heartache, mistakes and missed opportunities, things I wish I could go back and change or do differently. But, the past is not only made up of bad, it is also made up of good. The past is life lessons to help carry us into the future.The past is fond memories to carry into old age. The past is our heritage. Don’t let the past be something that drags you down, (what you were saying) but something that propels you into the future and strengthens you in your present. We are only moments ahead of the past. At one time our yesterdays were our tomorrows. Keep the positive writings flowing.

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  2. Thanks Vincent! I released all negative events from my past only to have them resurface in the form of an ex-husband, when I allowed him back into my life as a “friend”. I forgave him of all the hurt and pain that he placed on me and our daughters, and I thought by doing that it would allow healing for all of us, but it hasn’t. I soon realized that my forgiving him and our daughters forgiving him was not enough for him to forgive himself. Thus, when we allowed him back into our lives believing that it would be a brand new beginning, he proceeded to slowly bring back the same hurt and pain, which in turn took us right back to the past hurt and pain that he had done previously. He has refused to release his negative issues and seek help. My daughters and I have come to the conclusion that we will forgive him, allow him limited access to our lives, show him love at a distance, but we will not allow him to destroy our lives or bring us down. We have decided to forgive him even though he never asked for our forgiveness nor has he accepted full responsibility for bringing turmoil, addiction, alcoholism and confusion back into our lives. We have forgiven him in spite of himself because we are not responsible for his actions, past or present. We put the past behind us before and now, we will do it again . . . not for his sake, but for our own. Thank you Vincent! You are correct, you cannot move forward if you are always walking backwards.


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. You are right, though ut takes a lot of strength to forgive someone who has repeatedly hurt you. But we have to keep moving ahead. Blessings.


  3. LOL. I was just thinking about doing a post on this very same subject then thought I should answer my email first. And here you are! I may link to your post if you don’t mind. Good writing. Thanks for sharing.


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