You Want To Be Great? Endure!

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A boy once asked his father, “How many times do I have to try again after I have failed?” and the father replied, “Son, until you succeed.” The Chinese have a saying that “defeat is the mother of success” – After you fail once or twice, try again. It will increase your determination, and strengthen your endurance.

What makes you great in my opinion isn’t the number of houses you own, the luxury cars you drive, the wealth you possess, or if you always grace the cover pages of leading and influential magazines. But rather in how you overcome life’s challenges. A truly great person is someone who has understood the challenges of life, endured the hardships, and tolerated the abuse and criticism of others.

You see, “everyone knows how to thrive and survive in the good times. It is the trying times that separates the one who has substance from the one who merely possesses the image.” Maybe you are reading this and thinking, “But do I have to fail?” “Can’t I have a stress free life like others?” “Must the beginnings always be rough for me?”

If you are thinking that, you are not alone. I have often felt that way too. There had been many times in my own life, when I wished there was a magic formula or something I could do to take out all the negative experiences in my life. I always thought how wonderful my life will be, if I had no challenges and live a stress free life. But the fact is the absence of challenges and negative experiences will make us “dull”.

In this life, we all face storms of some sort. We will have the bad times and enter rough phases in our lives. But even in the midst of the tragedy, sorrow and adversity, we must find a way to be positive and optimistic. Truly great people understand that hardships, loss, sorrow and disappointments are part of life, and so they try to find a joy, humour, gratitude, and beauty in the midst of their darkness.

“As humans, we need challenges in order to develop fully and bring forth all the positive aspects within ourselves. The only way to feel truly happy is by confronting these challenges and overcoming them.” The pains, the failures, the setbacks, the challenges you have to endure, are really teachers when you look at them closely.

How can you know love if you have never been deprived of it? How can you know compassion if you’ve never experienced suffering in some form? How can you learn giving to others if you’ve never been in lack? How can you appreciate success if you’ve never experienced failure? – it takes one to appreciate the other.

Folks every adversity carries within it the seeds of opportunity. And it is when you have the strength to endure the failure or adversity, that you are able to see the opportunity within it. Are you going through rough times? Never mind, keep holding on. And have faith that when you have endured, God will certainly turn your ashes into beauty; your mourning into singing and dancing. Live your greatest life!

5 thoughts on “You Want To Be Great? Endure!”

  1. ‘How can you know love if you have never been deprived of it?’ Proverbial money in the bank, my friend.

    I just wrote a bit on ‘endure’; I smiled when I saw that you had as well. That word possess such strength, such potency…powerful stuff. Thank you.

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