The Main Reason You Don’t Reach Your Goals

It’s a new year and almost everyone has been making his or her new year resolution s or setting the goals they plan to achieve this year. But all too often we discover that many of us abandon our goals before the end of the year. Some don’t even make it to the end of the first quarter. We go back to the old us.

But why is it so? Why is that we find it hard to stick to our resolutions? One of the main reasons we don’t reach our goals in my opinion is that our goals, resolutions are usually too big. Don’t get me wrong, I like big goals. I encourage people to dream big, and aspire to reach great heights in life, but I don’t encourage vague dreams and goals.

We are all entitled to our dreams and goals, whatever they may be, as there are no bad dreams and goals. But maybe you are not yet in the right position to achieve those dreams. Folks all successful people, and top achievers understand something about goal setting that most of us don’t. they understand that in order to achieve goals, “Your goals must be  big enough to motivate you, yet small enough for you to believe them.”

You see, that is where many of us fail. Our goals are too big, we can’t believe them. And you can’t possibly achieve what you don’t believe, because even Christ tells us in Mark gospel that, when we pray to God, we must believe that we have received our answers. Our believe is what produces the results for us.

So take a look at your New year goals and resolutions again. Do you believe them? Do you believe you can achieve those? Because if you can’t get yourself to believe them, you need to drop them now! It’s been said that life’s a game in which you make the rules. Unfortunately many of us make the rules so that we fail. We deliberately set ourselves up for failure, instead of changing the rules so that we win always.

How do you do that? Take for instance, maybe your goal as a Christian is to read the Bible more this year. Instead of aiming for a chapter a day, or two or more chapters a day, which you know you wouldn’t get yourself to do as usual, why don’t you set a goal of reading a verse or two a day? Remember, set the rules so that you win always!

Whatever your goals and dreams are, always set the rules so that you win. Take small steps forward until you can learn to run long distances. Live your greatest life!

3 thoughts on “The Main Reason You Don’t Reach Your Goals”

  1. This is a masterpiece. We come up with goals but don’t have a practical execution plans for them. Lack of this only results into failure and demoralisation. You said it right buddy 😀


  2. I find with the really big goals it’s better to break off the end game goal and put it on the shelf. Then I break the rest down into small bite sized pieces. I might want to change the world but that’s to big so I start with changing something in myself.


  3. I found that my thinking about goals and achievement changed drastically when I began to believe that God had His own goals and purposes for me, and that He is actually able to communicate them to me. Strangely enough, His purposes seem both smaller and greater at the same time: not so much praise for me, but so much more wonder and peace.


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