Kill The Doubts and Be Positive!

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To the timid person, everything is impossible but to the brave, nothing is impossible. How high we rise or how low we fall in life is determined by the power of our own thoughts, because our physical bodies have been adequately prepared by God to be able to undertake whatever dreams our minds conceive.

The people who rise in life are those who never doubt their own ability to succeed. They understand that the mind of a mind is like a fertile soil that grows whatever is planted in it. And that if if you allow a doubt to occupy any place at all in your mind, that doubt will grow there. Doubts can be likened to a small hole in a ship that lets water in it. If left unchecked, it can cause damage to the boat and even sink it. Doubts will kill your self-confidence, self esteem, self-reliance, and your power to succeed in life, so get rid of all your doubts and fears. They are unworthy of any place in your mind!

There is nothing, no opportunity, no task, no challenge that can ever come to you that you do not have the power within you to perform and overcome. All it takes is the believe and the conviction that you can do all things. You’ve got what it takes inside you. When you are presented with a task or a situation, always be positive and say positive words like, “I can do this”, instead of “I will try to do this”. Never ask yourself questions that doubt your ability and capacity such as, “Can I do this?” “Who am I to do this?” “Do I have what it takes?”

Always affirm positively to yourself that you have what it takes within you to do what you have to do. Remember, “Negative thoughts are antagonistic to action, and without action there can be nothing accomplished. Positive thoughts, the will to do, are incentives to action, and the brain thrives upon them.”

Folks the sooner we realize that only limits to our achievements in life lies within the compass of our own minds, then we can succeed. Remember we were all born to greatness, and we all can live our greatest lives here on earth. Amazingly, some of us believe we can only be great in the world to come. We seek in eternity the reward of our labours on earth. But I believe that our success isn’t only in the world to come, but we are meant to be successful here on earth as well.

It is the belief that we cannot succeed, or that only a certain class of persons are suppose to be successful, that holds us back from taking our just place in the scheme of things in this world. No man, not even you has the right to be a failure. Each of us has sufficient power within him to make his dreams come true – whatever those dreams are. Live your greatest life!


4 thoughts on “Kill The Doubts and Be Positive!”

  1. Thanks for the excellent words! The tool I use most to erase doubt is visualization. I see myself being successful in the situation, and my mind begins to believe it. Then the action follows 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for sharing your kind thoughts here Joe. Visualization is such a powerful tool, used by some of the top professional athletes like golfers, and archers.Like you the always see the result they intend to achieve, right before taking the shot, and it works 99.9% of the time. Blessings!

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