The Secret to Real Strength

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There are times in life when it takes a lot more courage and strength to do nothing than it is required to take action. Sometimes the best evidence of power is often found in one’s ability to maintain composure in times of distress, conflicts or negativity. But the world, our ego expects a reaction from us whenever we are attacked or confronted negatively.

We are termed tough, brave, courageous, when we attack back or respond in equal terms each time we are hurt by others, while we are often looked upon as cowards, weak, or timid etc, when we walk away from provocations and keep quiet in the face of harsh criticism.

Oh how many lives have been lost, how many marriages and relationships have been broken, and careers shattered, simply because of the need to revenge, the lack of self-restraint in the face of opposition and violence? All the great souls that walked this earth, had been masters of self-restraint and composure.

As a Christian, I find in the bible how Christ was confronted with vile and deadly charges, He responded with silence. To the many great insults, violent treatments and harsh criticisms, He responded with such silence and calmness that awed His accusers.

Do you want to live your greatest life? Practice self-restraint, and silence. Understand that some battles are won without a fight. Choose your battles! Anyone who has been wrongly accused, criticized, and mistreated without cause, will know that it takes real strength and courage to be silent and not revenge.

Folks when others hurt us with their words or actions, we have a choice to either revenge or not be moved by them. Don’t let the negativity of others drag you down. Be determined to press on with your goals and dreams, in spite of what others say or do to you. Become unstoppable. Become powerful. Tell your detractors, “You may hurt me, but you won’t move me.” Live your greatest life!

8 thoughts on “The Secret to Real Strength”

  1. “Folks when others hurt us with their words or actions, we have a choice to either revenge or not be moved by them.”
    Vincent, great words again!
    The thing that sticks with me about the reaction to Jesus was in his body language as well as his silence – saying something very important but in a way that was consistent, sincere, honest. Too often by saying nothing we take revenge in the way in which we “say nothing” – in our manner, our body language, our interaction.

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  2. funny i just read that scripture on yesterday and actually twice in the past week. that is something i have resolved to improve upon. being reactionary has been a terrible crutch of mine but i am learning more through life’s lessons the power of grace/mercy.

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  3. Awesome Mr. Egoro. People haven’t discovered that when we are in control of all members, no criticism, however scathing could bring you down. Acts of vengeance only bring us out as weak and nowhere near strong. 🙂

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  4. Excellent post! Thanks for sharing.

    I recently listened to a message where it was stated that anger is actually a response based in fear. As you rightly say, we want to respond the way we think the world would expect us to respond, or to boost our ego’s.

    But if we could learn about our true identity, who we are in Christ, we would be able to overcome that fear and we would not be moved by the world’s opinion. This in itself requires tremendous courage.


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