5 Reasons Why You Are Underachieving!

From boardrooms to bedrooms, from faculty halls to athletic fields, in medical schools or music schools, and in every age group and every human activity, and across every racial ethnic group you find one thing in common; people who are achieving less than they possibly could; people who abandon their dreams, and settle in mediocrity.

All over the world you find self-defeating habits and mediocre expectations and efforts towards goals. Millions of us are living below our God given potentials. You see gifted people who shine briefly, and for one reason or the other they disappear into obscurity.

Mediocrity is so common place today in our society that it has been accepted to be normal. That’s why many underachievers today don’t even realize they are one – because they look around and think “At least the other guy isn’t doing better than me.”

If you find yourself going back and forth, up and down, you know within your heart that you can do better, yet you are not doing it. I am sorry you may be an underachiever. Here are five characteristics of underachievers you may access yourself with:

5 Characteristics of Underachievers

1. They are Procrastinators: They delay, they debate, they analyse but they don’t do. They don’t act, they don’t move on their dreams and goals. They are always shifting dates to a future “right time”.

2. They have wide swings of moods and self-esteem: Some days they are up and are going to tear the world apart, other days they are “gloom and down in a pit.” They always shift back and forth, moody this day or that day, but never get their emotional equilibrium long enough so they can focus to get somewhere.

3. They have difficulties in making decisions: they will debate and debate, ask for more information and statistics just to find an excuse to delay making a decision.

4. They are paralyzed with a fear of disappointment: they are always afraid that everything they do will be a disappointment. Either they will be a disappointment, or somebody else will disappoint them. They never act because they are afraid of they will fail, and so they just hide from life and wait.

5. They dream big and never follow through on their dreams: they always have big plans and goals, they always talking about them, but never able to get up and do anything that will make their dreams come true.

If you find that you have any of these traits, then it’s possible you are not achieving much. Now that you know what the problem is, then start taking positive steps towards eliminating these negative and destructive habits, so that you can be on your path to greatness.

Live your greatest life!

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