1 Thing You Mustn’t Do: Give In

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

The story of Joseph in the Bible is one that many of us can relate with, in our lives. Joseph was mocked, scoffed, and hated by his folks because of his dreams and goals, and his determination to make them a reality.

His folks were uncomfortable around him because they couldn’t understand why he won’t be normal, and be content with the family trade of rearing cattle and sheep. Since they couldn’t see themselves higher than where they stood, they were angry because Joseph had a bigger size of vision.

There are some of us who are like Joseph. We have families who don’t believe in our dreams; our wives ridicule us; our children make faces at us when we talk about our dreams and goals; or parents laugh at us; our friends put us down for going after such dreams and goals.

But like Joseph, you need not be deterred by the harsh words and opposition of those around you. You need instead to persist and go ahead with your goals and dreams. I have to come to realize that when people don’t understand you, they oppose you. And when their opposing views aren’t yielding their desired results, they resort to hate.

Folks if people are throwing mud at you because of what you believe in; because of your strong faith in your dreams and goals, never mind them. Just keep doing what you are doing, because if you do the right things consistently and long enough, the results will show. – Remember success is the sweetest revenge.

When your results begin to show, you won’t have need to always be explaining to anyone, you will not be begging for support anymore. There will be an outpouring of love, support and admiration even from the very people who thought you were wasting your time. Those folks who put you down before, will come around to offer a hand, because of your results.

You may be laughed at today. You may be put down today, but always think about the story of Joseph. He was sold out into slavery, in slavery he landed in prison. But in the end, his dreams came true. In your own life, when folks cast you into the darkness, love them because in that darkness, you will discover your inextinguishable fire.

Live your greatest life!



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One thought on “1 Thing You Mustn’t Do: Give In”

  1. Some would say that Joseph’s dreams could not have come true without the amount of opposition he faced because the opposition formed the character he needed to carry the vision. Opposition can be an important asset if we use it right.


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