8 Things Every Woman Needs From Her Man By Mary J Blige

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

When it come to love and loving a lady, there isn’t a one rule fit everyone out there. But while there are many books and articles written over about this topic, there is still a surge in the craving to be loved. In my opinion guys, if you want to learn how to love a woman better, and if your spouse or partner isn’t willing to share with you how she wants you to treat her more lovingly, ask another lady what works.

Here are 8 ways to better love a lady shared by Mary J. Blige multiple award winning American singer, songwriter, model, record producer, and actress. and most importantly, a lady…it may solve that love puzzle of yours and bring back the love you thought you had lost in your relationship:

1. Women need more than material things: Guys this doesn’t mean, you should stop buy them, and spoiling them with the material things that you can afford. It means you shouldn’t think those things can take your place and the time you should spend with her.

2. Women need so much than what a man can say: Most of us guys are cool talkers and charmers with our words. We blow off our ladies with our words only to do the opposite of what we say. Mary J says, don’t talk about it, be about it, let your actions speak more.

3. A woman needs you to make love to her, she needs more than sex.

4. A woman likes to talk and work things out: You will be surprised how much you will accomplish by just spending time and listening to your spouse, laughing at jokes (even though they are terrible). I don’t mean being around her but being absent in your mind and eyes. Women like to talk, and love guys that listen.

5. A woman likes for you to watch her back, protect her crown: Some of us men don’t protect and defend our spouses and partners. Of course there are times when the woman may be wrong, but that’s for both of you to sort out in private, not to expose her, correct her, and demean her in public.

6. A woman doesn’t only want your make up sex. She wants your respect: How many of us guys are always disrespecting our women, and come back begging each time. Remember guys like God’s word stated, “Obedience is better than sacrifice.” Many relationships have ended due to this trait; a guy cheats, comes back and beg, he is forgiven, but goes back straight into the act again, and expects more forgiveness, because he has been good to the lady; always buying her gifts and stuff. We forget that there is a limit to which anyone can tolerate misbehaviour.

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7. A woman needs her man to trust her: Some of us think our women are there only to fulfil our needs. It amazes me sometimes when I see women go to find out some very important information about their husbands or partners from other folks. I mean if you trust her enough to give her your body, why can’t you open up your life to her?

8. A woman needs surprises from her man: Sometimes it will be fun if you can just call her up, even though you just left her, to remind her you still love her. Tell her she is still beautiful in your eyes, in spite of everything she’s been through. Let her know you care about the way she feels. Sympathize with her, empathize with her. Every woman wants to know you are always by her side, that she can depend on you.

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