What Is Holding You Back?

Vincent Egoro

Photo Credit: motivation-dldunton.blogspot.com Photo Credit: motivation-dldunton.blogspot.com What is holding your back? Is it your colour? Disability? Poor parentage? Lack of Education? Poverty? Relationship? Whatever you feel is the reason stopping you from succeeding in life, holding you back from aspiring and living the life of your dreams, there are millions of people who Have faced worse challenges, surmounted them and gone on to live their greatest lives.

Among the world’s greatest heroes, inventors, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, are many who were born into poor families and countries, and who rose to the peak of their careers, calling against all the odds, some of them without a college education, just with their determination, persistence, faith, energy and the mercy of God.
All that you need to succeed on this earth has been given you by God. “With five chances on each hand and one unwavering aim, no boy, however poor, need despair”. –O.S. Marden


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