Your Challenges Hold Your Blessings.

In my life I have come to discover that some of the most difficult challenges I face, the decisions with the most risk I have to take—those things that I would rather not do, that will take the most effort, cause the most pain, and be the greatest struggle—bring a blessing with it. And every time I refuse to do them, I miss the blessing.

Some of us have been called to walk difficult paths in life, we have been given challenging callings and life missions. Many of us have been labelled “Useless”, “Joker”, “Unserious”, “Air- castle builders” and many other names. Folks when God calls you into challenging, unpopular, even laughable life missions and purposes, He often prepares unquestionable, and undeniable blessings for you in the end. But these blessings you will never receive unless you travel the steep, risky, crazy, thorny paths of life.

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Are you going through difficult times in your life? Remember, “Every battle field you encounter, where you are required to draw your sword and fight the enemy, has the possibility

of victory that will prove to be a rich blessing to your life. And every heavy burden you are called upon to lift hides within itself a miraculous secret of strength.”

There are some of us who are not able to see any beauty or any possible good arising from our current experiences, because the sufferings in our lives is too much. But if only we are faithful, and courageous enough to forge ahead with our dreams and goals, and if we do not give up just yet. Someday we will know just how much how lives have been blessed by those experiences.

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2 thoughts on “Your Challenges Hold Your Blessings.”

  1. Vincente,

    When the student is ready the teacher appears…. Thank you – for saying this.

    I willingly walked into suffering in June at my work when put on a Performance Plan which in my business is a death sentence. I decided to go through the process with all the integrity and ownership that I could muster. Besides coming out with my integrity and with glowing reports on how I managed my way thru the process – the outcome was the same and I lost my job on Dec 1 – but that extra 5 months and my willingness to do so was a huge financial benefit about $100k but also and much more importantly a devastating physical, emotional and spiritual cost where my addictions also came out to play and have been raging since Dec 1. My mistake was doing that without the proper supports in my life. I have those now – I recognized the dangers and warning signs and I have been lining up my supports including reading blogs like this. God bless


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here Gordon.
      I am glad that you are able to recognize the causes of failure, and learn from them. A lot of us aren’t able to, and so we fail continuously.


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