One Day You Shall Laugh

Earlier today, I was sitting with my buddy, and together we were sharing our past experiences. And funnily, we were both laughing at those experiences. I remember telling him if he could still remember those days when we had car that will fail us in the middle of the road, and how we would have to push it amidst the curses of other road users. Back then I used to be ashamed of myself and the car.

There were also instances when ladies won’t go out with me because I didn’t look like much. There had been times when some of my other siblings and I slept in the living room floor, because the only other room was crammed. As I recounted these and many other negative experiences I have had, instead of feeling sad, frustrated and angry as I used to feel those days, I found them funny, and had a good laugh.

There are some of us going through rough patches in our lives right now. Maybe you are struggling with your kids school; your marriage is being threatened; you are heavy in debts, or practically struggling in life.

As someone who has walked that road, I can tell you confidently, that as long as you are alive, and have strong faith in God, if you will not give up; if you will keep pushing hard on your dreams, and keep doing the right things long enough, like me, a few years down the road, you can look back at your life and laugh at those experiences causing you tears now.

Just as old soldiers compare their battle scars and stories of war when they get together, one day you shall boldly and joyfully tell of the goodness and faithfulness of God, who brought us through every trial along the way.


5 thoughts on “One Day You Shall Laugh”

  1. This is really true Vincent. No matter the trials we encounter in life, as long as God is still on His throne and we have a little faith, sooner or later it will become old stories. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings.

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