Humility Costs Less but Pays Much

In most religious teachings, including my faith Christianity, we are often admonished to be humble, to be meek; to develop the child like attitude when dealing with others. I have discovered that while many of us talk about being humble, we find it really difficult to practice it.

Everyone wants to be heard and seen, the society labels you as a coward; sometimes foolish, if you give up the need to be right, and be kind. Or when you bring yourself low enough to reach out to others.

But I have discovered that humility is a very important ingredient in the recipe for greatness, as all truly great people who have walked this earth were considered as being extremely humble.

Recently I stumbled upon a text taken from the ancient Chinese classic “36 Strategies” in which it was written, “Pretend to be a pig in order to eat the tiger.”

“According to this concept, when the Asian hunter is ready to hunt the tiger, he will sit and contemplate the easiest way to bag a tiger. The conclusion he reaches is that he will make himself the bait for the tiger. He dresses in pig’s clothing and waits in the woods. The tiger will come close, thinking this pig will make a delicious lunch. When the tiger is so close the hunter cannot miss, he will shoot the tiger.”

There are times in life when it takes much more courage and strength to be the “pig” than to be the Tiger. Do you want to be great? you must willing to do whatever is needed to overcome the strongest opposition— even including yielding and being able, when necessary, to look like a pig.

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