Life is too Short to Think Small

Earl Nightingale in his famous classic, “The strangest secret, stated that we become what we think about most of the time.” And the scriptures also support this by stating that as a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes. “The size of our bank accounts, the size of our happiness accounts, and the size of our general satisfaction in life is dependent on the size of our thinking.”

We are products of our thinking, yet 99% of the time, most of us are thinking little thoughts. Most of us are thinking of our problems, our inadequacies, our wants, our troubles and challenges, and the more we think of those things, the more of them we have in our lives. We have allowed our environments to tug us and pull us down to settling for small achievements and comforts; to be content in being a little man or woman in the society.

Folks, if you want to live your greatest life, you must shake yourself off the limiting beliefs and thoughts the society is trying to sell you. God wants you to have a big life; an abundance of all things here on earth, but must first change your thinking to start realizing them. You can have whatever you think about and set your mind to believe. But since not many people believe this, as a result not many people experience it.

Think Big and you’ll live big. “Life is too short to think small”. Live your greatest life!

8 thoughts on “Life is too Short to Think Small”

  1. Thank you for a good word. The Lord desire for us is to grow to be more like Himself, and in our submission to His will for our lives. We think big by seeking and reaching out in faith. A faith that is grounded in the Lord Jesus Christ.


    1. Of course there will be many times when the negative thoughts will creep into our minds. Nothing is wrong with that, all we have to do is learn how to catch ourselves thinking small or negative thoughts….and say out loud Cancel! Cancel! then replace them with the positive thoughts. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts here. Blessings.

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