The Price for Success

Each one of us is driven to a certain extent by fear. Even the most courageous among us have some fear in them —fear to rise, fear to fall, fear that we will remain in the same place. So many of us think that we want to be rich, that we want to be famous, that we want to accomplish great deeds, but often these feelings are just idle talk and mere wishes.

Most of the things we think we want come at the price of leaving behind our familiar life and venturing into the unknown. Every time we accomplish something and move ahead, we have to exchange the known conditions of our life for uncertainty and unfamiliarity.

Even though most people think they are trying to succeed, they are simply going through the motions. The last thing in the world that they want is to get off the familiar treadmill and actually get somewhere.

Before we can succeed, we must clearly understand that success means change and the risk of failure. Continue reading The Price for Success

You are Astonishing

Vincent Egoro

You are astonishing!

How dare you waste your life? You have the power to change and recreate your world; to have deliver; to be great at what you do.

How dare you squander your priceless resource – time, by spending it on valueless and unproductive activities? You spend most of your day on TV or on the social media without adding anything to your life.

How dare you settle for mediocrity just because you are busy coping with too many things on your agenda? If you’ve got as much as you have got, use it to become great, use it to change and touch lives. Don’t go about being busy with nothing to show in your life.

You are astonishing.

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Life Bears Lemons Also

This life is not always sunshine and bright days. It gets rainy, cloudy, and stormy also. In our own lives, we get sick, we experience disappointments, we fail, we cry, we die.

Every day, I meet people who are disappointed, angry or sad that they are experiencing bad times, in spite of their devotion to God; they are being treated cruelly in spite of the fact that they good to others.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much we wish to ignore the possibility of any negative and unpleasant aspects of our lives, our Creator writes His own script for life.

Instead of praying for a problem-less and stress free life, pray for the unshakable inner strength and  to accept the harsh lessons of life and learn from them, not to be destroyed by them. Continue reading Life Bears Lemons Also