Little Deeds Can Open Great Doors!

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Don’t be discouraged in your love and giving if you are not being recognized and honoured by men for your deeds because while men may not appreciate you, God who keeps records will reward you soon. It really isn’t by donating huge sums of money in front of cameras, or holding a press conference to announce your contribution that matters, compared to giving out of love for God and man.

If you have been showing love to people, helping others in need, offering kind words of inspiration and encouragement to others and yet you don’t receive recognition for your gestures, and maybe as a result you are being discouraged, I hope the following story inspires you to do more;

“A poor man who dreamed one night that he went to Paradise, and who was so surprised to find himself there that he began to apologize profusely for his intrusion. He said he knew he was out of place, that he had no business there, because he had never during his life earned anything so glorious, and that, in fact, it was a presumption on his part even to look within the gates of Paradise.

He pleaded his inability to do anything to win him such a great favour, protesting that he was a very poor man, just an ordinary, everyday workman, who had no standing in society on the earth. He had tried to live honestly, he said, to do his work faithfully, to bring up his children as they should be brought up, and to be kind to his neighbours, but as to any right to enter Paradise, he could not understand how he had presumed to do such a thing.

But the angel at the gate said to him: “My friend, do not depreciate yourself. Do you not remember how you saved a poor woman’s home when it took nearly the last dollar you had in the savings bank? Nor how you helped a poor orphan child who had no home when you could scarcely take care of your own children? Nor, again, how you befriended many poor people even before you had a home of your own, and continually made sacrifices of your own comfort, in order to give of your necessities to help others?”

“These and many other things like them,” added the angel, “are what brought you here. You came because you had a right to; you belong here.” “But,” still protested the embarrassed, man, “I never founded colleges, or hospitals, or gave money to charitable institutions, as Mr. Blank, the man for whom I worked, did.”

“Ah,” said the angel, “it is not these things which the rich and powerful give out of their abundance that gain entrance here; it is the little nameless acts of kindness and love, the self-sacrificing service performed in the common ordinary situations in life; it is the love that gives itself, the spirit of unselfishness, that opens the gates of Paradise to mortals.”

Friends whatever acts of kindness and love you can render to others, keep doing it. Because there is great value and importance even in the smallest of service rendered unselfishly to others. With your love and kindness you benefit others, but you benefit yourself even the more

13 thoughts on “Little Deeds Can Open Great Doors!”

  1. Thank you, Vincent, for a perfect story to illustrate Jesus’ words: “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:35). What we do for others does indeed demonstrate what we really think of Jesus.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts here. I pray God empowers you with the grace to continue living this way.


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