Let’s Take This Walk

Photo Credit: fin6.com/
Photo Credit: fin6.com/

Today is my birthday. And as I look back at my life, the years I have spent so far, all I can say is that, if not for God’s grace and hand upon me, I would have long been gone. God’s been good to me, and I really lack the words to express my gratitude to Him.

Two years ago, God made me discover the reasons why I had to go through the challenges I went through in life; why I had to suffer heartbreaks and disappointments; why I had to fail in my ventures; why I had to experience so many delays in my life. Then he gave me a message to inspire people to live their greatest life…which is what I try to do with my blog.

I am grateful to you my followers….to all of you who have been a part of this blog since 2013 when I set out on my journey. God bless you all. Today I have a dream, a dream to take my message of hope and inspiration to my community and country via the radio by starting an inspirational talk show.

As I go around every day, I see that so many people are facing the challenges I had faced, so many people are struggling with mediocrity; so many people are in relationships that are not working, yet they are too scared to walk away; so many people are enduring their marriages, instead of enjoying them. I believe this radio talk programme can reach these folks, especially as many of them don’t have access to the internet…but they all listen to the radio.

I have the message, the will, the passion, the desire….but lack the funds to embark on this project. So I am seeking for partners. A person(s) who have similar burdens, who want their lives to count for something.  You may not be able to touch people with your words, but you can certainly do it by contributing financially for this programme. I invite you join me in reshaping our world, to share the message of hope to others. For further details and enquiry, please send an email to vincentegoro@yahoo.com

I promised  on my facebook page to do a special audio recording to help someone who is going through some difficulties right now. And based on the requests I got, I have done this for you. It is called Why go on? It is for that person who is about to give up on life/marriage/relationship/goal/dream…because they can’t see it coming to pass, or because the times have become too tough for them. I hope it inspires you to continue pushing and living in faith.  Click this link to listen or download for free: http://www.mediafire.com/download/g4ycn6h6y3ekdj9/Why+Go+on.mp3

Live your greatest life

11 thoughts on “Let’s Take This Walk”

  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope you keep learning… the “good” way.. It really breaks my heart to see people learning the hard way.. But i guess, that’s life.. if we were a little wiser at that point of time we wouldn’t have to face those hardships.. Life is all about accepting yourself as you are and feeling good about it.. and i think you’re doing just that! Keep it up.. 🙂


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