Too Afraid to Quit?

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It takes a lot of courage to begin something; a project; a relationship; a new business; a course of study and so on. It also takes a lot of courage to persist in a task, a dream, an assignment that’s why there are far more starters and few finishers.

But I have also observed that it takes a greater amount of courage to let go of something, or a person that you are convinced has failed, after you’ve put in so much time, energy, resources, and sacrificed everything you’ve got to get to the point you are. But in life we need to learn to develop the courage to let go sometimes, as it is dangerous to hold on to something that has failed.

Some of us are in relationships that are not bringing us happiness any longer. We complain about our partners’ attitude toward us, we are sick of the relationship, yet we are too scared to let go – because we fear we may not find another person soon, or we buy into the false idea that all guys and ladies are the same, “the Devil  you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.

That kind of thinking is failure thinking. Folks nothing stimulates, inspires and increases performance in a person’s life like being in the right relationship. Have the courage to let go of any relationship that makes you feel weak and valueless.

Some people have had the dream and desires to own their own businesses, or look up better opportunities in other cities, but they aren’t courageous enough to leave their current jobs, but daily they complain about not having satisfaction in their jobs, they talk about how their pay isn’t anything compared to what they giving their employers. If this is you be courageous enough to let go and begin that business or job you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t let fear keep you from living your dreams. Life is too short to be little!

Whatever is holding you back, have the courage to let it go! Don’t let anything negative and limiting occupy free space in your life.

Live your greatest life!

4 thoughts on “Too Afraid to Quit?”

  1. I agree with you Vincent when the issue is leaving a job or a dating relationship that is going nowhere or is dragging you down but I think your writing has to be qualified. Too many are leaving marriages because their spouse is not “making them happy enough” or they have “fallen out of love”. Marriage is a covenant and it is not something you can just walk out on but these days so many are clinging more tightly to their jobs than they do their marriages and this breaks my heart.

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    1. Dear Joseph, Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. My faith and personal beliefs does not support or advocate for divorce. I always try to encourage people to walk out of relationships that aren’t ok, not to settle for something that isn’t right, so that they don’t end up marrying and the marriage breaks up. Marriage like you’ve mentioned isn’t something one walks in and out of like we are seeing around today…thanks for reminding me. I will always spell it out in my future posts. Blessings sir.

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      1. I so enjoy reading your posts Vincent. This one hit a little close to home and I really agree with what you have written. Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly and it is not something we “settle” for. Finding the right mate is perhaps the second most important decision a person will ever make (the first being accepting Christ).

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  2. Just to touch on the comments above as well as a fine post, and leaving marriage and deep personal relationship to one side …
    When “ministering” or “advising” or “investing” in any way of our “talents and wisdom” – too often I see a need for payback on that investment. Too often that requires of the other person “I agree with you, thank you, you have changed me for the better.”
    And – for me – that is another reason to let go: or else it becomes a need for control and winning – rather than freeing and empowering.

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