What’s Wrong With Beginning Small?

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

These days it’s all about “bigness.” Everyone one talks about big dreams; big ideas; big goals. We are always told to admire and model our lives after those people who conceive great ideas and successfully bring them to reality. Every young lady dreams of marrying or dating some rich man. Every young man thinks in millions and billions.

While nothing absolutely is wrong with such thinking anyway, many of us who are so engrossed in the thinking and talking big fail to consider the small things that make great things or a great life possible. The fact is we cannot all think in millions, and we cannot all aspire to vast achievements. But this is no reason why we should despise ourselves or look down upon ourselves because our daily work and our life may not be doing great things.

Are you doing small work? Are you earning little pay compared to others you know? Friends don’t let that discourage or sadden you.  Thank God you at least have something small to do. Whatever your hands find to do however small it may seem, is important before God. The bible commands, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…” “If you have a little garden, it is not un-worthy of your care and attention to make it bright with flowers for the joy of your family and your friends. If you live in a small house, you can be proud of that house if it is a perfect home in miniature.”

Never despise the days of little beginnings because unless you can do little things; take those small opportunities seriously; appreciate your small relationship; value your small paying job, you can never do big things or be committed with greater responsibilities. Become valuable where you are. Life is the sum of small things. How well you live each day will determine if you have a great life or not.

“Little acts of thoughtfulness, little kindnesses, little tenderness, little charities, make up the sum total of a large, generous and lovable mind. Little tasks well done may make up a lifetime of fruitful labour… It is far better to perform a small undertaking than to dream a big one and fail through lack of application.”

Many of us are looking for the secrets of success. In my studies, and interaction with successful people, I have come to discover that most successful people are not different from you and I, they don’t possess extraordinary IQs, they are not geniuses. But they have a little more ability, they go the extra mile, they pay attention to details, they seize the little opportunities that many other people miss and realize that those small opportunities often lead to big successes they never imagined possible.

6 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Beginning Small?”

  1. Reblogged this on MH Consulting and commented:
    What success means? Only the rich are successful? Is a mother, for example, who has created life and brings up beautiful souls, considered successful? Is a self-employed business owner, who is able to feed his family and live a well balanced, happy life, can be called successful? Or only those are successful who are followed and admired by millions? Can the love of your closed one make you the happiest ever? Do you have to keep growing your business to become successful or achieving balance in small could be enough for happiness?


  2. I have learned, after 50+ years of living, that I am not very important except to a small circle in the world, and yet to them I am very important. Doing things well that are within my reach and my sphere of influence is very meaningful to me even if only a few people are affected. Because that’s what I can do. Knowing my limits helps me manage the things I can. It’s taken time to understand this.


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