Aren’t you tired of people telling you SORRY?

3372060864_2e4c319a04_zAre you aware of the inner conversations going on in your mind? A lot of us really don’t mind what we tell ourselves. We are so used to things going backward; we have become so accustomed to failing that we think it is our second nature. But guys we are not meant to fail, and until you wake up from those thoughts, until you make a conscious and deliberate effort to alter your life course, things will never change.

When I was a young student in my Secondary school Physics class, I was taught the Newton’s law of Motion. One of them, the first law states that an object continues to be in a state of rest and an object in motion, continues in motion until an applied force acts on it. So you see your life will continue to be the way it is, you will continue to experience disappointments; keep failing in business and life until you do something about it.

Nothing works on their own without some effort. And you can’t do anything about your life until you first realize that something is wrong in the first place. I remember in 2012 I had been having a series of challenges. Years after graduating from school, I still didn’t have a meaningful job, I was living with my parents and very broke.

Rather than do something about it, I remained there whining about my life, about how my folks had disappointed me. I became so angry and depressed, yet nothing changed. My anger didn’t bring me any money, my depression didn’t get me a job but I remained that way, because I felt I was entitled for something; I always thought my Parents owed me, and should set me up using their connections.

My attitude got to gradually change when I started reading more personal improvement books and listening to audio tapes. It was then I realized that I had been fooling around for many years.  I got to know that nobody owed me a living on this earth, not my parents nor the Government. And if my life was to change, it was up to me to use the tools at my disposal to change my life.

To finally effect the needed change I had to go to God to find my purpose. And it was then I realized God has been waiting on me to since with the plans ready in His hands but all I kept doing was complained and whine. Folks you need to realize that nothing is achieved by complaining; it doesn’t bring you money, nor put food on your table. I bet the most you can get is a word of sympathy from others.

Aren’t you tired of people telling you SORRY? Because until you get sick and tired, you will remain angry and depressed like I was. Whatever it is you seek in life, remember, nobody owes you anything. Get rid of your entitlement mentality. Nothing works until you make it work.

Live your greatest life!

10 thoughts on “Aren’t you tired of people telling you SORRY?”

  1. I am so grateful I began to read your words of comfort and encouragement. Thank you so much for clarifying so much for me. It’s too bad you are not about 50 years older and single. LOL. Hugs from an elder sister.


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