It’s never “better the devil you know”


Because the devil we know is still the devil.

And yes, it seems much easier to deal with what we can at least predict than it is to risk drastic change.

The shackles are familiar. In time, we always develop coping routines to get us through another day. We learn to tell ourselves many different stories about how things could be worse, about how much we could lose by risking the status quo, how grateful we should be for what we have, and how nobody is ever really happy, so better just grin and bear it.

Besides, how much worse can it get? It’s not like we’re going to wake up not expecting disappointment.

To be fair, whatever place of stagnation we may find ourselves in might not be ALL that terrible. Maybe there are some advantages to whatever professional or personal arrangement we are bound to. Maybe some things are actually quite…

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