Don’t Change Her, Just Love Her – Love Lessons From Bruno Mars

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Does your spouse/partner have to change before you can love them completely? Personally I think not. I believe love should be unconditional, as there isn’t any flawless human out there. And to the guys who are frustrating their spouses/partners out of the relationships by demanding that they change to fit the perfect image of a lady they have in their heads, they could learn a thing or two from Bruno Mars’ song Just the way you are.

Here are a few tips:

  • Folks don’t try to change them. Love them the way they are
  • Focus on the many other positive things about her. Yes she may have flaws, but you only see what you search for. Why don’t you try searching for things to love and appreciate about her and it will amaze you to find tons of them.
  • Everyone needs validation, and most times the lady isn’t so much confident about herself because of the negative opinions she’s been receiving all through her life. Don’t add to her misery, rather transform her life by deliberately complimenting her strengths and you will see how confident she will become for you.
  • No matter how tough and independent a lady is, deep down, all they crave for is the positive, encouraging, supportive and loving words of her men.  It works guys…if only you will work on these!

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