Everybody Can Teach You Something

Some of us are waiting to hear from God about our purpose, career, life calling, relationships, marriages, money, success, school, health, and so on. We pray, attend churches/seminars/workshops hoping to finally hear or have a divine solution towards that life’s problem.

Doesn’t God speak anymore? of course He does, as the scripture says, “Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.” Every day passing day each of us is  being spoken to, we are being offered solutions to our problems and challenges, yet the world is still filled with people who are yearning for more.

Maybe the reason you don’t hear God is because you are looking for a divine medium to talk to you. You fail to realize that you can learn from and are encouraged/challenged/blessed by everyone, every situation and every experience. You see, everyone you encounter; the beggar on the street, the child passing along the way, the neighboInspiratr you are not in terms with, the co-passenger in the bus you travel in; the challenge you are going through; that misunderstanding with your spouse/partner…all have something for you to learn.

The major obstacle hindering us from learning/developing daily is when the mind thinks it knows it already, so we dismiss the thought of others as being empty/unqualified/inferior. When we get to the point of being bored listening to audios/lectures/speakers or reading books that reveal Truth, we have lost our ability to learn and we cannot go any further.

Ultimately, when you are one with God (in alignment with no resistance, 100% allowing) you simply listen to yourself and understand that everything and everyone is your teacher. Think about that! You can learn from negative people as well as from the positive ones. I met a guy who grew up from a very tough and abusive home, yet he is so gentle and kind hearted. And when I asked him how come he was different after all he was exposed to, he replied; “Vince I learnt from my family, just the kind of person I didn’t want to become!”

Live your greatest life!


One thought on “Everybody Can Teach You Something”

  1. I too learned, as did your friend, the type of person I did not want to become. And I am happy to say, I am different than those who raised me. I lean on God for everything. I pray daily for inspiration and help, and when i need counsel, I ask those whom I trust that have proven they are men and women of God. Thank you so much for your wisdom, I pray you and your loved ones have a wonderful week. Hugs from a distance.


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