What’s Your Idea of Happiness?

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

The essence of life is to be happy, and everyone desires happiness but we seek for it and experience it in different ways. Some are happiest when they are noisiest; some think they are happiest when they are drunk, while others foolishly take drugs to reach their dizzy heights of joy which end in destroying their health! Some are happiest at their work, others at their play, while some discontented folks are never quite happy except in their dreams.

As you go about seeking for happiness your way, consider these contrasting opinions: The world’s view on happiness vs Christ’s view on happiness. Which way are you going to follow?:

The World Says,

Happy are the proud and the rich.

Happy are they who never know sorrow.

Happy are the ambitious pushers.

Happy are they who are not bothered by a conscience.

Happy are the absolute tyrants.

Happy are the voluptuous pleasure-seekers.

Happy are the quarrelsome who fight for their “honor.”

Happy are they who escape persecution.

Happy are they who never are ridiculed or slandered.

 But Christ Says, (The Beatitudes)

Happy are the humble, the poor in spirit.

Happy are the mourners, the penitent.

Happy are the gentle and unassuming.

Happy are they who intensely love the right.

Happy are the kind and merciful.

Happy are the pure-minded.

Happy are the peacemakers.

Happy are the martyrs to a great cause.

Happy are you who have borne insults and slanders because you are Christian

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