When Hard Work isn’t Enough

photo credit: flickr.com
photo credit: flickr.com

Every day, we hear or read from some of the world’s leading thinkers, teachers, philosophers, spiritualists, Psychologists, Coaches, and influencers tell us about our potentials, about the greatness in us; about the gifts of God deposited in our minds, with only a fraction of it being used. Many of us believe and know these truths.

Yet we are letting discouragement, worry and fear grip us and ruin our lives and relationships when we could be happy. We let ourselves get old when we could stay young and attractive. We are doing all kinds of things to our bodies to make us ill when could be strong and healthy.

We are timid and self-conscious when we could be radiant and brimming with self-confidence. We remain failures financially and otherwise when we could be hugely successful.

Of course many of us have realized that we are living far below our true potentials and think if we are determined and work hard enough, we will become successful –whatever success means to you. But the fact is determination and hard work alone doesn’t make you successful, because some of the hard workers I know are the poorest and most unproductive.

Determination and hard work only produces results if we combined them with knowledge, I have come to discover.  Because no matter how determined you are to solve a problem, you are always defeated if you don’t know how. I have also come to discover that many of us who have knowledge, have even attended some of the best institutions in the world, are still struggling in spite of what we know.

The reason is as 50 Cents, American Hiphop Artiste and entrepreneur pointed out in an interview shared by entrepreneur.com, most of us “have the knowledge but don’t live the knowledge.” Folks live isn’t a theoretical experience, you must put your knowledge to use. Because to know and not to do is not to know.



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