Who Should We Listen to?

Who should we listen to? Many of us are always looking for information and advice about our life challenges, but unfortunately we meet the wrong people for this information, and sometimes we end up worsening our situation after applying the techniques and principles we were offered.

I have seen many relationships destroyed, I have seen businesses go under, I have seen people lost jobs, I have seen people miss their purpose just by listening to the wrong people. I believe someone reading this can relate with this; if you’ve gone for counselling or attended a coaching course and still have your issues unresolved despite the amount of money you paid. – It doesn’t mean that the people aren’t qualified, but simply they are not for you.

So who then do we listen to? The best person to listen to, or talk to, or learn from concerning your situation or dreams and goals, is the person who has been where you are and who has what you desire. If you are struggling, going through challenges and poverty, but desire to be successful, you just can’t go and learn from someone who was born into wealth, someone who hasn’t known what it is like to always live on the edge, because they obviously haven’t experienced what you are going through and can’t teach you anything about rising from your position.

If you are a single parent and you want to raise your kids to be the best they can be, you need to listen to someone who has succeeded from your spot. You can’t learn about dealing with drugs from someone who hasn’t had you’re your kind of issues, or talk about coping with divorce from someone who hasn’t gone through that phase.

Learning from someone who has been where you are and has the results you desire will motivate or challenge you, you can look at them and say, if this man or woman can go through all they went through, and achieved the results they had, then I can get out from where I am. And honestly, if you take their advice or follow the process and do they work they did to get where they are, you will enjoy their level of success or results.

No one can teach you better than the one who has worn the shoes you are wearing…only them know how the shoes are pricking you.

2 thoughts on “Who Should We Listen to?”

  1. There are times I have found out the hard way the person I should have listened to all along was myself. I have a bigger stake in my own life than anyone else. I’m getting to where I don’t discount my thoughts because they are my own.


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