You’ve Been Equipped For The Journey

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Some of us have wonderful dreams, goals and ideas. And in our plans and calculations, we know that those goals, dreams or ideas have enormous potentials in them yet we fail to take action. Some of us think we are too young to act on those dreams; some of us are looking at the people or organizations who are already doing things similar to what we intend to do, and we become intimidated by their size, reach or presence.

For some, maybe it’s a relationship, and we are scared that we aren’t attractive enough, or good enough for the people we love. Whatever it is you desire but you are too afraid or in doubt to take action, what if you knew you couldn’t fail, will you still be afraid to act? I guess not!

The truth is, you have been adequately equipped by God for that project, dream or goal. His words tells us that look before you were formed in the womb, God already knew you and had planned for you. He had taken the time to put everything inside you that you will ever need to fulfil your destiny. The only problem is you haven’t taken the time to discover yourself.

Knowing this, we need to stop focusing on our weaknesses and instead focus on our strengths. Stop looking at the size of those who have gone before you and be intimidated by them. God says, “I am with you to deliver you…Do not be dismayed by their faces.” Who says you are not attractive enough? Have you forgotten you are wonderfully and fearfully made? And he who finds you finds something good, and you carry favour with you?

Folks we have been blessed with all that we need to live our greatest lives. All we have to do is prepare ourselves to take action!

3 thoughts on “You’ve Been Equipped For The Journey”

  1. Thank you for this message. I needed to hear this today. There is a reason God has positioned me where I am today and he is more than able to lead me in a co listing the dreams he has planted in my heart.

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