Don’t Forget to Forget!

“This one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” – St. Paul.

Many of us are still brooding over the past. We are still weeping over that lost relationship; that lost job, that misfortune; that death; that betrayal; those wrong words we said; those things we failed to do that led us into failure and so on. But folks brooding over the past, however foolish, devastating, painful it has been is unhelpful and a complete waste of strength and opportunities of the present.

There is an old Japanese proverb that says, “My skirt with tears is always wet, I have forgotten to forget.” Unfortunately today, many of us have forgotten to forget and that is why our lives aren’t growing and we are still experiencing difficulties. If this is the case with you, adopt the attitude of St. Paul who forgot the things that were in the past behind him, whether they were mistakes, disappointments, and failures or they were achievements and success.

He left them in their place – behind him and instead focusing on the life ahead of him, the many new possibilities of the future; the new love; the new achievements and channelled all his energy, thinking, and resources towards attaining them.

Stop sitting down and complaining about the past and wishing for a better future. The most a wish can do for you is, bring a smile to your face just once. Wishes don’t come true by simply wishing. Your life will be as beautiful or as ugly as how you live daily…in the steps you take towards turning your dreams into reality.

Live your greatest life!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Forget!”

  1. “I have forgotten to forget” – wonderful!

    I saw a similar one yesterday on the BBC news website: “I will think about that tomorrow.” This from a lady who had suffered terribly in the past. Each day she said the same thing. Each day she “got through to tomorrow” – and had lived for years doing that.


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