Strive to Fail!

“To have failed is to have striven, and to have striven is to have grown.” – Maltbie D. Babcock

Oh how true these words are. It takes a lot of courage for you try out something and fail in it. Though the world may laugh and mock you for attempting something and failing, no one who has tried and failed had been without benefit because through failure we learn; we grow; we gain the experience to become better than those we sit and laugh and never attempt anything grand.

Do you want to try something but you are scared of failing? My advice is, put yourself out there and fail in it. You see all the world’s greatest individuals from sports, business, politics, or whatever field you can think of have been the most failures. You don’t know because you just see their successes and celebrate them. But if you get to ask them what between the success and failure they treasure most? 99% of them will tell you it was that opportunity they had to fail.

Your failures are pointers towards the kinds of successes you will record in the future. Never be afraid to fail. The people we should be afraid of in life are those who haven’t tried anything; those whose dreams only remain in their heads; whose light have been hidden in their houses, and they remain afraid to shine outside because of what others may say about them.

Friends keep striving to excel no matter how many times you fall, no matter how badly you perform, as you keep at it, you learn and one day you will become a master. Remember all masters of any art or science weren’t born masters. They all had to go through the process of trying and failing, but they never gave up because they know that repetition leads to mastery.

Do you want to be a huge success? Go and fail at something because inside that failure is the secret of success. Failure leads to humility, humility leads to greatness.  Live your greatest life!


3 thoughts on “Strive to Fail!”

  1. im success,bcos I made a step to start,eventhough av not got the victory.but I know Im more a than a conqueror,.why you may ask? I conquered d fear of failure and what people will success,and everyone will associate with me.because im a Victor.thanks Vincent agoro for the inspiration digest.I thank God for my breakforth

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