Seek to Be and Not Just to Know

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A wise man once said, “It is good to know; it is better to do; it is best to be.” All over the world we find many people who know a great deal of things, we also find many others who are doing that which they know, but only a few people have become that which they know and do.

The secret to a great life like Christ manifested is not in knowing, having or doing as the world has taught us, rather it is being, in what you become of yourself. It is not enough to talk about love and preach love, become the love so that through you others can experience love.

Don’t talk about kindness, honesty, holiness, leadership. Instead become kind; become honest; become holy; become the servant leader. The scripture says that we are the light of the world, and through us men shall see the light of God. This can only be achieved if we become all that we talk about most of the time.

Remember, the only one who can do most for others is he/she who has done most with himself/herself. Live your greatest life!


3 thoughts on “Seek to Be and Not Just to Know”

  1. Thank you for the reminder. I was forgetting my place and the wanting of the flowing like water has come to a drizzle lately and I want it to flow radiantly. I am going to try to be more of the doing part. I’m just in a place were the trusting in the unforseen future is a struggle again and I’ve Ben praying for the worry to stop.


    1. I doubt if there’s anyone out there who doesn’t struggle with this. Sometimes you get distracted, but one has to find his/her way back to trying to be rather knowing like the rest of the world,

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