One Day You Will Thank God for That Difficulty!

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Many times we are wont to complain about our difficulties and challenges, but the fact is difficulties and not the good life is what it takes to develop into the man or woman God created you to be. Some of us will agree that we are able to handle life better today because of the challenges we faced in the past.

Early on in my life I faced a lot of difficulties because my parents suffered some financial setbacks, so I was made to grow up earlier than most of my mates. Back then I used to feel bad that I had to hawk at a time; I had to go to the farm after school, or some days even skipped school for farm.

There were times I had to travel alone for hours often riding a motor bike across villages and forest to attend to my family’s business. There were also times when we couldn’t afford three square meals so we had to make do with one or two…then it was painful for me.

Today as I look at my life and how God is dealing with me, I can only look back in thanks for having me go through that phase early in life. Although life isn’t altogether rosy for me now, but I can face any challenge life throws at me easily because it can never be as hard as the ones I had face earlier.

Today when people complain about what they are going through, the sufferings they are experiencing and how some of them are almost giving up on life, all I have to do is tell them a little story about me, and give them a little hope. Most time they look at me and say, “you mean you went through all that? And no one can ever tell!”

Folks however difficult and great the challenges you are going through now, don’t hate your life for it. One day like me, you will thank God for letting you go through this phase. Some of you have been hurt and left heartbroken by the people you love, though it’s hard to see how any good can come out of this pain, but if you will just keep your heart open for love one more time, you will see how appreciative you will be for that hurtful experience, as you will come to appreciate true love better.

There is no test or challenge that we face that doesn’t have a testimony embedded inside it. We don’t see them because we let the hurt blind us with hate. But if we keep our hearts pure with love, we will come to see that truly all things work together for our good!

Live your greatest life!

3 thoughts on “One Day You Will Thank God for That Difficulty!”

  1. “There is no test or challenge that we face that doesn’t have a testimony embedded inside it.”

    Vincent, what a lovely post! I wonder if we all forget our childhood too often – now we are all grown up and everything. How our parents said no, and yes, and not yet, and maybe. And we accepted that they were keeping us safe and doing their best for us. And now we are all grown up and that doesn’t apply anymore. We should be happy all the time, we have earned it by being good people. That no one is “keeping us safe and doing their best for us”, there is no one to say “no, yes, and not yet and maybe”. Not even God.


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