Learn to Live Until You are Dead

photo credit: http://americanprofile.com/
photo credit: http://americanprofile.com/

“Lord make me live until I am dead.” What a powerful prayer every one of us ought to be praying, considering that most of us are dead even though we are still breathing. Some of us are just going through live without growing along with it. Take a look at your life, are you growing or just going along in life? If in the last week or months you haven’t read a book or learnt anything you aren’t growing my friend…you have simply enrolled into the class of people who are just going along in life.

Some of us have been left behind in the trends of our industries and career. While the world has advanced in technology, we are still operating the way our professors taught us in school years back in college, yet we claim to be aspiring for success.

A passage in the Bible talks about people of the tribe of Issachar, and how they understood the times, they were in and were always ahead of the other tribes in Israel. In today’s world if we want to live our greatest lives, we must be like the Issachar generation. We must always be ahead or in step with the trends as regards knowledge and information. Don’t be dead while your still alive. Seek to learn.

Unfortunately today, many of us will rather spend our time watching tv than be caught we a book. Some of us think we know everything the authors of the books are sharing, so there’s really no need reading again. These sets of people fail to understand, that the moment you think you know it all, that is the moment you start dying. Folks become a life-long learner. Continue to learn and study as much as possible about whatever you are interested in. You are never too old or too young to learn. Life is a growth experience!


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