Rejoice, not Complain

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“We can complain that the rose has bushes, have thorns or we can complain that thorns have roses.” – Abraham Lincoln

Like the thorns are always parts of the rose flower, so are problems part of life. There isn’t a life without some form of problem or the other. But some of us have made it habitual to complain about our problems. We are always seeking friends, family and church to complain to. In my country today many people are always seeking for prophets and “prayer warriors” to eliminate problems, failing to understand that a problem free person is a dead person.

Friends as long as you are alive on this earth you are bound to be hit by problems or challenges. How you handle your problems determine whether they leave you “better or bitter”. Learn to view your problems from a positive perspective. When you are tempted to complain about the difficulties you are facing, pause a moment and instead consider the many other good things you have been experiencing. There is no life that is too poor to find something worth celebrating.

Agreed your life may be rough and fraught with challenges, but you are alive and like the bible says, anyone that is alive has hope. So you see, there is hope for you and one day you shall overcome all your challenges! Live your greatest life!

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