Be Careful Who You Share Your Dreams With

Be-careful-who-you-shareWe need to be careful how we open up our plans and dreams to other people. While we need people to help us grow, not all people are happy about the advancements we make in life. A wise man once said and I agree, “People want you to succeed but not that much.” The natural mind has some elements of jealousy in it. Not all friends mean well for you; not all of them want you to be ahead of them.

Look around you and you will find marriages and relationships that have been ruined because someone they trusted with information betrayed them. I have seen business opportunities stolen; I have seen jobs lost because people weren’t too happy that one of the parties was being successful. Who do you have in your close network? Who do you share your dreams and goals with? It’s time to take a closer look at your associates and friends or risk being heartbroken.

Some of us can’t keep things to ourselves. If you are one of these, my advice is always share your testimonies and not your plans because you never know the thoughts going on in the mind of that person you are discussing your future plans with. So always be as “gentle as a dove and as wise as a serpent” when it comes to divulging secrets. Live your greatest life!

7 thoughts on “Be Careful Who You Share Your Dreams With”

  1. Good advice, we need to be checking with our spirit to see if we are people pleasing, if it’s a pride issue etc…what are the motives of our hears when we share something. Throughout my life I have encountered this problem. I have God’s spirit in me and he tells me one of two things “Warning” or Go ahead and share” I have to be listening to the still small voice.

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