Use Your Words to Build, Not to Destroy

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Some people are constantly looking for opportunities to criticize and complain about others. Nothing is ever good in their eyes. I meet some of these people most of the time, they complain about the weather, the traffic, the food and so on. Recently I attended a wedding and sat close to one of these folks and in spite of the many good things one could say about a wedding, this guy kept pointing out things he didn’t like about the wedding as if he contributed a dime to the wedding.

I believe that even the worst circumstances we can always find many good things to talk about if we look for them. Your spouse isn’t bad all the time; children don’t misbehave all the time; your boss isn’t bossy all the time. Let us learn to develop the habit of looking for the best in people and in every situation we find ourselves in.

Always look for something good to praise and endorse. Look for the best around you and think good thoughts about others, knowing that your thoughts always yield results after their kind. If you want to see good in your life, think good thoughts about yourself and others. Moreover the habit of constantly seeking for the good in others and praising them will uplift our own spirits.

People tend to react to criticism and respond to praise. Instead of complaining and criticising your spouse, children, friends, employee in the hopes to change them, why don’t you try pointing out the good about them, and with time they will want to repeat more of those good things so as to earn your love and praise. Never add to people’s misery but always add to their joy. Live your greatest life!

5 thoughts on “Use Your Words to Build, Not to Destroy”

  1. I can remember my ex-mother-in-law asking how I got her son to be such a kind person. I let her know I was kind to him, and expected him to be good, thus he was. The hard part is when we (any of us) make mistakes, we need to forgive and let it go. That is, forgive ourselves as well as others and then move forward.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.


    1. Thank you for sharing this new insights here. Your thoughts are always valuable and highly appreciated. God bless you richly.


  2. Great post. 🙂 Thank you for encouraging positive thoughts, words, and energy. I have a particular friend that I will call “Debbie Downer”. I personally try to give people the benefit of the doubt. But when I encourage Debbie to look for something positive, it almost makes her more convinced that she must defend the presence of “evil” and keep it there. Major energy suck! Life is just too hard to spend it agonizing over speculative allegations of negative intentions.


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