Is Money All You’re Leaving Behind?

Photo Credit: reuters.comI visited a senior friend of mine recently and met him having a conversation with his son, and in the process made the following comments, “the reason I am putting myself through all these is so that you can have a better life and not go through what I went through in life.” I look at this man and he is obviously very rich, and he has some of the things I desire in life but what struck me through out that day was the comment he made to his son.

Many people share similar ideas and beliefs too; they work really hard to provide for their children and also protect them from the experiences they had. But my question is what is really more important for the child, your money or your experiences? I believe that such philosophy is quite a twisted one. If you were born poor, or had to face some challenges before you became successful, you will definitely have acquired much valuable experiences and development along your way. So why deny or shield your children away from these important life lessons?

Agreed the bible says a good man leaves inheritance for his children’s children, but most of these kids who inherited wealth without experiences are causing a lot of havoc around. In my country I see a lot of rich folks kids. They drive cars recklessly and spend money in a day in bars and clubs that may amount to someone else’s 3-6 months pay simply because they don’t understand the processes and education involved in making the money. Daddy and Mummy didn’t teach them how to earn the money.

What legacies are you leaving for your kids? A good legacy shouldn’t just be your net-worth, but helping kids develop strong values and self-worth and probably make their own money. What’s your opinion on this?

14 thoughts on “Is Money All You’re Leaving Behind?”

    1. Hahahaha…if only one could look back from the dead, they will regret seeing the madness their money is causing in their kids. Whatever you teach a person sticks much longer than what you give him/her.Thanks for sharing your kind thoughts Adrian. Blessings.

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    1. I believe you must have imparted real training in their lives that will equip them to succeed in life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Blessings.


  1. I agree Vincent. The most important thing we can give our children is a breadth of experience. Of course we want to shield them from all the pains of life but what I find is if we do the kids eventually go looking for it. They want to know hardship and so they manufacture it and sometimes can never escape.

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  2. Vincent! This is an outstanding post. This taps my heart and soul, for several reasons. I was a prodigal my whole life. I didn’t learn many crucial truths from my father because he was quiet, and he was tired, and he was wounded from the war. I cannot blame him or anyone else for my lack of success. My hope is that I am leaving my children with good legacy. Good job, Vincent.


    1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts here. True, no matter what we fail to receive from others, we can still share what we learned by ourselves to others…as our legacy.


  3. Vincent, I am coming back to this post to leave a comment. It touched my heart enough to remember a few things about my life.

    First of all, I remember once writing my will a few years ago when I had only one son. I said therein that whatever little I had was for him, but above all, I left my love and attempts at living life better. I am glad today I have been able to record much of my life and have copies kept away for each of my three boys.

    The next thing is, ha I don’t think I’ll ever have ‘Money’ as in $ or £ etc. I say this because several times I have worked and collected some, something has come up and I have almost had to start afresh. So, I agree with you and even take it a blessing and much grace, to have all these life’s experiences I have recorded for them. I also take all opportunities to talk to and with them.

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