The Way to Bliss

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There was a time I used to think that there were things in life I need to have to make my life complete. Back then I would look at people who have those things and imagine how happy they were, and wondered when I will get to that level and how happy I will become. but as God began to bless me with some of the things I desired, I found out that my possession of those things didn’t bring all the happiness and bliss I thought they had in them. of course I was happy, but my happiness was only momentarily.

Unfortunately today many people still think this way; they think that if they have those things they want, they will be happy and fulfilled in life which isn’t true because even if you have everything on your wish list; money, love, power, friends, perfect health and body etc, within a short period of time you will still become unfulfilled and unhappy. You will still be looking outside again for something more or better.

The secret to finding true joy and bliss has been given to us but many of us fail to realize it because it is quite simple. The secret if found in Matthew 6:23 in the Bible: “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” You can’t find joy and happiness by going after material possessions but by seeking for God’s kingdom and living right. Only then will you see that you have happiness inside you.

The kingdom of God is a great treasure, in it lie all the bliss/joy/happiness/peace we have been seeking and surprisingly this kingdom is inside you and I. So then when we seek this kingdom inside us, we will have all other things added to our lives. But if we seek first riches, then we may get riches, fame, wealth, and power, but we will be empty inside and deal with inner pain and despair that we cannot imagine. We will be in a living “hell” with all the trappings of wealth.

Think of Robin Williams, and the thousands of other rich, talented, famous, and powerful people from around the world who seem to “have it all”, yet deal with inner pain/loneliness/torture so horrific that it leads to major drug addictions, massive depression, destroyed health, and even suicide. There is a better way. Seek first the kingdom of God and its righteousness then you can have every other thing you desire. Live your greatest life!

One thought on “The Way to Bliss”

  1. The Psalmist tell us, ” In God’s presence is fullness of joy.” Lasting joy comes from being in His presence and that presence is not automatic. We must seek His presence through prayer. James wrote, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.”

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