You Are An Inspiration!

79055794_bf26dd4bb0_o_FotorSome of us are considering giving up on life, or on our dreams, and relationships because we think we don’t have much value maybe as a result of the past hurts and sufferings – for instance you’ve been abused physically, sexually, emotionally or you’ve suffered series of hardships and ailments in the past and now when you look at yourself, all you see are the scars, the hurts that remind you everyday of what and where you’ve been through.

There are some people who have experienced similar tragedies, setbacks, abuse, sicknesses like yours but instead of hoping for the better and fighting, decided to give up. Some ended up committing suicide; others withdrew from the activities of the world into their shadows. But to you who is still standing, please don’t give up. Don’t give up just yet!

You see, while you may not be aware, there are people who just seeing you and all that you’ve been through are being encouraged to live also. You are an inspiration to them. Yes you, who think you are worthless is giving someone else hope. Someone out there is saying, “if that man or that lady; that boy or that girl, who in spite of all he/she has been through is still living, then I too can live just one more day.” Continue reading You Are An Inspiration!

Don’t Forget to Forget!

“This one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” – St. Paul.

Many of us are still brooding over the past. We are still weeping over that lost relationship; that lost job, that misfortune; that death; that betrayal; those wrong words we said; those things we failed to do that led us into failure and so on. But folks brooding over the past, however foolish, devastating, painful it has been is unhelpful and a complete waste of strength and opportunities of the present.

There is an old Japanese proverb that says, “My skirt with tears is always wet, I have forgotten to forget.” Unfortunately today, many of us have forgotten to forget and that is why our lives aren’t growing and we are still experiencing difficulties. If this is the case with you, adopt the attitude of St. Paul who forgot the things that were in the past behind him, whether they were mistakes, disappointments, and failures or they were achievements and success. Continue reading Don’t Forget to Forget!

Tired of Doing Good?

Tired of doing good and not being appreciated? I have had people tell me they don’t think they will help people anymore, because in spite of the good they do people don’t appreciate them, all they receive in return is criticism, “no thank yous” and so on.

While it is hurting to do good and not feel appreciated, it shouldn’t stop us from continuing our good works. The world may not see it and recognize it, but God sees everything and rewards everything. Do you want to stop doing good because it seems no one ever does same to you? Friends keep up is all I can say to you.

In the gospel of Mark, we find the parable of the Sower shared by Christ. Christ shared a story of a farmer that when to sow seeds, while he was casting his seeds, some fell by the road side and birds picked them up, some fell on rocky grounds, and when they grew they were over exposed to sun heat and the little plants died, others fell among thorns, and the thorns choked them so even though they grew, they couldn’t bear seeds. But the farmer being not discouraged, kept planting and finally some seeds fell on good grounds, these seeds germinated, grew and bore fruits, and he had a good harvest. Continue reading Tired of Doing Good?

You Are Made For Greatness!

William Shakespeare, once said “Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” But I do believe we all were born great. One of the greatest lies of the world is the belief that greatness, wealth, prosperity, success, is the exclusive reserve of a few individuals, while the rest of the world would just struggle along living mediocre lives with the aim of just trying to make a living.

There are some people who strongly believe that most humans must remain poor, that we are made to be poor. But there was neither poverty nor lack in the plans of God for man when He created us. Continue reading You Are Made For Greatness!