So Much Wastages

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There was a time when kids wanted to become Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists, Pilots etc because of the needs and services those professionals render. Today almost every Nigerian kid and youth wants to be a politician to either run for office or take up an appointment. Not even the oil companies and other high paying professions are an attraction anymore.

Every day I see a lot of talented young people wasting their lives and gifts in the name of becoming a politician, becoming a follower of someone who doesn’t have the kind of talents and gifts these young folks have. The reasons we give for wasting our lives are simply excuses.

Some people believe incorrectly that to be great in life one must hold a political office or do something that has a direct profound impact on the history of the world. But I think this isn’t true because there are many great people out there who are unknown to most of the world. You have the ability to be great in your sphere of influence but you have to have perseverance, you have to study (read books, listen to audios and attend trainings) and have eternal desire because you become what you think about most of the time.

I believe that anyone who is willing to work hard and strive continuously to be the best they can possibly be at their chosen vocation, business, career, profession whatever…has the potential to attain the stature of greatness. I believe you have the ability to be great. But you must remember that being great doesn’t always mean you will have no challenges, no difficult phases, no situations to deal with. It is in your dealing with those challenges that you become or have the kind of success you crave for.

Live your greatest life.

2 thoughts on “So Much Wastages”

  1. I remember the dark and devious politician’s undertakings. Very rarely do I remember the good work from other politicians or the good work of those who have one mistake that labels their entire term(s).

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