Do Unto Others What You Want Them to DO to YOu

One scriptural verse many people are familiar with and often refer to is “In everything do unto others what you want them to do to you…” I also hear this among non Christians. Unfortunately most of us limit the meaning of this powerful law to just “doing”, and actions. Has it cross your mind that this powerful law also refers to your thoughts and wishes concerning others?

We are to not only do unto others, but to think about others, wish for others what you want them to do to you, think about you and wish for you. If we practice this law we will find more love and harmony among people; there will be less bickering, hate, jealousy and envy as all you will be having for others are thoughts, wishes and actions of love and you will get same in return too.

In today’s Africa most challenges, misfortunes and setbacks among people have been attributed to the effect of witches, wizards, and other evil spirits in humans. While I don’t doubt the prevalence of these dark forces around us, I believe that we can go ahead in life if we sow good seeds in place of wrong and evil. My message for us all is to try and practice the golden rule of doing to others what you want them to do you. Instead of praying for the death of your enemies, why don’t you try to love your enemies, praise your enemies and ask God to bless your enemies with all the things you want God to bless you with? By sending these powerful prayers and wishes, you get more of the things you desire without even labouring hard for them.

What are your thoughts about this message? Kindly share your thoughts and wisdom so that we all can learn from your experience. Thank you. Live your greatest life!

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