Watch Your Confessions

Most times when I meet people, 8 out of the ten sentences they make are complains about life; about not having what they want. They complain about having bills, not having the car or house of their dreams. Not having enough money, they complain about the society, the negative influences, their children, the weather etc.

Folks the more we talk about these things they more they increase in our lives. Some of us are making the laws of God work against us instead of working for us. The scripture says, “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened to you, seek and you shall find.” What have you been seeking? Problems, sicknesses, poverty, lack of opportunities? Yes you seek for these things when you talk more about them. Remember what you focus on will expand.

Let’s change our confession and watch what we are speaking into our lives. Instead of complaining and whining about how hard your life is, I suggest to you to count your blessings. Look for the gold. List the things you are grateful for. Being happy and fulfilled is a choice. It is a decision. It is how you frame things. It is the contrast you create and the perspective you put on things.

3 thoughts on “Watch Your Confessions”

  1. “It is how you frame things.”

    We recently has some family portraits taken, and I was in our local hardware shop picking out frames – cheap and cheerful because “frames are just frames”. Except I happened to have some odd sizes and needed some help. The “Saturday help” turned out be someone who had made frames as a career. And she made this comment:
    “A picture is a picture some are good and some are great. Put them in a frame – the right frame, and a good picture picture becomes a great picture – and a great picture becomes …”

    Odd how that conversation happened a few days before reading your post today! Makes your words “real”. Thank you.

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