Rise Above Your Setbacks

6076393459_f7433bf0db_bMany people look at me now and think I have always had an easy life. Some folks from the same poor community I am from think maybe I never knew suffering. But the reality is I have seen much more suffering that many people ever imagine. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon or with any spoon at all. The story of my life begins at my birth in a yam barn – imagine that!

As a kid I have been shoeless and shirtless like many village kids. Of course I have tasted the good life also growing up, but the part of my life that is laced with struggles and sufferings are more than that section that was filled with the good.

Stop giving in to your circumstances. Your challenges and circumstances don’t define you, it is how you choose to react or respond to them that determines where you end up in life. I attended village schools, I experienced delays in finishing both my secondary and university education, but I never let those delays held me back.

Today I am ever grateful to God for making me see suffering and challenges in life, because with those challenges, I am able to learn how to make good choices and have a better life. Friends you are not the only one who is suffering. You can choose to move on, or you can choose to stay down and blame everyone for your suffering, but the world wouldn’t stop for you to catch up. The clock will not stop ticking away just because you are not moving along with the time.

If you get up right now and start making small steps towards your dreams, you will be a better person next year. It’s up to you though! Live your greatest life!

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