Enough of Just Hoping

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

Life is a challenge, a struggle, a push, to be the best you can be, to make the most of your life. But in that struggle, push, or challenge is the value of life. Those who don’t push, don’t succeed. Those who sit by and whine and complain always remain that way.

A lot of us are hoping and wishing for a good life. We believe God is going to take care of our future for us, that everything is going to turn out just fine in the end. Sure I believe in miracles and I know that God has good plans for us. But those plans won’t come to pass without us playing our own roles.

You can’t sit around and expect things to work out without you doing anything. Stop hoping without taking action. Stop wishing without doing. Let me tell you the truth, your life isn’t going to change, if anything it is going to change for worse if you don’t get up and start acting on it.

Enough of your excuses about “there are no jobs out there” maybe the reason you don’t find a job is because you are looking for the big jobs. You have to be willing to start anywhere friend. The truth is if you keep doing the things you’ve always done; if you keep living your life the way you’ve always lived, you will get the kind of life you are having now.

Life is the result of the small things we do or don’t do. You can start now to do the small things that will change your life in the future. It is up to you. You can sit and complain, or you decide to start now to do anything that will change your life. What is going to be for you? Live your greatest life!

5 thoughts on “Enough of Just Hoping”

  1. A good and pointed word Vincent. Faith always requires action. We pray and then we step out. Faith is nothing less than the combination of both things and miracles are the by-product of the step that flows out of prayer. That is why miracles many times look different than what we imagined. The imagination is established in prayer but the reality and therefore the miracle (for miracles are real things not imaginations) come about only after we join our prayers to action!


  2. You are very right Vincent. ”Laziness is the enemy of progress”. God cannot and will not do His part and do our part, He expect us to take our responsibilities. God’s blessings to you brother!

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