God Has Chosen You

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

There is a great old story about a block of marble that was cut at the quarries in Carara, Italy and sent to Florence to be made into a statue by one of the great artisans of the city. It was brought into town and one of the great artists, Donatello saw this block of marble; but because of its imperfections, he rejected it immediately. And so it sat in a cathedral yard for a couple of years. Another artist came by and looked at it. His name was Michaelangelo. And Michaelangelo, seeing the imperfections said, “There’s an angel trapped inside and I must set it free.” He began working on the marble, and January 25, 1504 he unveiled his greatest work—David, the great statue by Michaelangelo.

There are many of us who have been rejected because of our flaws. Our families, friends, even churches have denied us because of our cracks and imperfections. Maybe in your case they don’t expect you to become anything good in this life, so they don’t even bother attending to you anymore. if that is the case with you, I want you to think about that story and know that it isn’t over for you just because the people you care about have given up on you.

You see while Man may look at us and see our flaws, cracks and imperfections, and then judge us negatively based on them, God sees our flaws, the cracks, the imperfections, the failures, the mistakes, the wasted opportunities, the failed marriages and relationships, the lack of good educations but He also sees the potential in us. He sees the potential of Him getting a hold of you and reshaping you and restoring you.

Fellow humans may look at you and see waste. You talk and no one sees sense in your speech. You are denied opportunities because you don’t belong to certain social class, God says, “perfect! This is who I need because I use the foolish things, the rejects, the misfits, to confound the wise! “

God cares folks! Live your greatest life!
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4 thoughts on “God Has Chosen You”

  1. This is beautiful! I enjoy everything you write Vincent but this may be one of YOUR finest pieces! What you unearth from your heart and manifest into words must truly come from God’s lips. I am so grateful you are listening to Him!
    Hugs n’ my dearest Blessings to you, my blogging friend!

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