So No One is Repaying Your Kindness?

11205035963_652bdba7d1_mI was listening to a radio programme yesterday where there was a discussion about gratitude and kindness to others. In the course of the programme, someone sent in a message and stated that he had stop caring about others because in spite of all he does for others, nobody ever shows him gratitude or return favours.

As the show continued, most of the callers’ responses to the message were very sympathetic to the guy who wasn’t receiving enough gratitude and favours for the good he does to others. One caller went as far complaining at how the world is filled with ingrates and unloving people.

Some of the questions going through my mind both during and moments after the radio show were; “why should we write off the world just because of a few bad people?” Why should our love and kindness to others be tied to what they give to us or how we expect to be treated in return? Must everyone whom we show some form of kindness pay us back or even tell us gratitude?

Sometime ago I ate food that didn’t taste very nice but that didn’t make stop eating food again because of my previous experience. Some people drive and unfortunately get involved in some accident, yet they never stop driving or travelling along the road. But you find an individual who helps someone or some people, who later didn’t do enough to repay his/her kindness, says, “I have had my experience, I have learned my lessons. This is the last time I will ever show kindness to people. I did this or that for this and that, and now see what I got in return.”

The farmer doesn’t expect every seed he plants in hope and faith to fall on the good ground and bring him harvest. He knows that not all of them will grow or do well, but he always counts on the overall outcome of all the seeds and the harvest they all bring rather than on what one seed yields. Folks no act of kindness, favour, love or good done in this world ever dies. Science tells us that energy can never be destroyed, it merely changes form.

So it is with our good. Every good deed done to others is a great force that begins an unending pulsation through time. We may not know it. We may never hear a word of gratitude or of recognition, but it will come back to us in some form as sure as an echo answers sound. Maybe not as we might expect it, how we expect it, nor where we expect it but sometime, somewhere, somehow, somewhere, it comes back. Never stop giving. Never stop doing good. Never stop loving.

Live your greatest life!

11 thoughts on “So No One is Repaying Your Kindness?”

  1. Great job and examples. I am going to use some of them with those whom I know that have the same problems. Many years ago, when I was first diagnosed with MS, a sweet lady drove me to the doctor’s office, but when I could not walk out of the office, and had to be wheeled out on an office chair, she said to never call her again. She said the experience was too traumatic, and she stopped helping everyone.

    I felt so bad that my illness caused that reaction, yet it was not my fault. Isn’t it amazing how we can carry guilt around over nothing?

    Thank you again for this great article.
    Gentle hugs from a distance,

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  2. Awesome post! This is insightful. We shouldn’t give up on humanity because of a few problems with a few people.

    This principle applies to other areas of life as well. We shouldn’t give up on life or on our dreams because of a few failures, no matter how bad these failures may appear. We also shouldn’t give up on love because of a few heartbreaks, even if they’re up to a dozen like someone I know had experienced.

    Thanks for this, Vincent. Soar!


  3. Dear Vincent, thank you for your wisdom and for visiting me at Sending Joy. Your post on kindness really touched me. You are right we aren’t here to expect credit for kindness. We are here for the sake of kindness itself. Kindness is a gift that when given to another is given back to us. Not through anyone or anything outside of us, but for our own inner healing and peace of mind and heart. A kindness is never wasted for it is an energy that comes from Love and offers healing. Whether the recipient is ready to receive or appreciate our kindness is not our concern. Our concern is our willingness to give and to share. Everything else belongs to God. Those who are unable to appreciate kindness are actually the ones who need it the most. And even if they don’t reciprocate now, the light of that kindness is lodged silently and unknowingly into the deepest recesses of their heart and keeps on giving until the day will come when they are able to forgive and be free of whatever blocks their ability to appreciate the blessings in their lives. So keep on being kind and a blessing in the world. Even if humans don’t say thank you, God does … and so do I. Love, Sharie


  4. Thank you so much for reading about the Servants of Charity and for writing this beautiful post. You are so right. we should never stop doing good. If someone hits you on the right cheek, turn and give him your left as well …


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