Who Deserves More Love, The Dead or The Living?

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

Some news I received yesterday made begin to ask, “why don’t we take care of our old people in these parts, especially our poor old people? Instead of helping them we abandon them, praying for them to die. “He/she is a burden now”, “they are too old and sickly”, we say most of the time. When they fall sick, we never always have money to give them the best treatment we can afford that they deserve.

Every day in the news, what you read, hear or watch is the talk about hunger, poverty and death. The world is seeking for ways to feed people and we forget that there are more people in this world who are hungry for kindness, sympathy, friendship and love than they hunger for food. If we showed people genuine love and care, maybe they won’t be hungry in the first place.

Sometime ago I attended a funeral, and like most of the funerals all over the world, people sent in their tributes and all they had to say about the dead were very glowing and positive things and nothing negative. As I stood there listening and watching, I began to wonder, why is it that death makes us suddenly remember about the hundreds of good virtues in a man/woman who we neglected and considered faulty and not relevant while they were alive?

During their death we speak as though the dead person was an angel living with us all the while but we only discovered. Folks it is good to speak of the dead, to spend money for their funerals and remember their strengths, and forget their weaknesses.

It is good to honour their memory with the expressions of love, justice and the sorrow that may fill our hearts. But it is the living, only the living that needs it most – those people who are struggling in life, who still bravely seek a better existence, who dream of rising against the sicknesses, poverty and other setbacks – they need our help, our friendship, our love, all that we can offer. “Better is the smallest flower placed in our warm, living hands than mountains of roses banked round our casket.”

Live your greatest life!

One thought on “Who Deserves More Love, The Dead or The Living?”

  1. Mother Teresa said the same. Many of God’s children need our love. Just yesterday, while teaching a woman in my home, I had another medical problem which stopped me short. I could not speak, and so she had to leave. Yet, that kind sister touched me. That touch meant so much to me. Bless her heart. If only people understood how much the human touch means to those of us who are older and ill.

    Too many don’t want to bother even talking to us. I can remember, many years ago, I had the honor of caring for a woman who was ill and her sons made sure she was okay by calling once in awhile. One son brought her groceries, yet, he would not stay and sit and talk with her , he left after dropping them off. She so needed to have his company while she ate some of that food. She needed his touch and smile. She needed to know he not only cared, but he needed to show her the same love she showed him when he was a child.

    When she died they all came to the funeral with sad faces, and wanted attention while they were grieving. I”m sorry, but that upset me. If they had only shown that much compassion while she was alive, she would have gone home knowing her leaving left a hole in the family. As it was, she was blessed to have a daughter-in-law there that day, who helped me bathe and comfort her prior to her passing. It was she who called the boys to let them know they needed to come right away. They came shortly after she passed. I could not be around them, it made me angry how they were arguing about dividing her belongings.

    My mother died when I was only 3 years old, and how I wish she had had people to comfort her, rather then just drop her and my sister and I off at the hospital and then go get drunk. Sorry. I am old now, and know the loneliness of being without love. I thank God for those who do come, and pray others will wake up to the needs of the living around them.

    Thank you for the wonderful post, brother Egoro. You are a good man. Gentle hugs to you and your loved ones from a distance,


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