Stop Sitting on The Edge

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One day two butterflies were on the edge of a flower, discussing. One said, “We cannot know whether there is any honey in the flower; no butterfly ever found honey, and no butterfly ever will.” The other said, “Well, nevertheless, I think there might be some.” And while they argued back and forth, a humming-bird flew in and ran its long beak into the flower, and sipped the sweetness they flew away.

Most of us are like these two butterflies, we sit by, discussing, arguing, planning, and praying but we never dare take action. And while we contemplate and plan, someone else rushes in and takes the opportunities from under us and become successful.

There is a saying that “fools rush in where Angels fear thread.” While this statement may be true for people who act without plans, the world we live in today has been made better because some people acted where others were too scared and sceptical to take action. Do you have a dream, vision or goal? Enough of all the talk about your intentions step out today and act on them and you will see that circumstances, events and people will come your way to help you succeed.

Don’t be like those butterflies that sat on the edge but never experienced the taste of sweetness. Neither should you be like the man talked about in the story of the pool of Bethsaida, who sat by the pool, and others will come from behind him and jump in it to receive their blessings, while he sat there waiting for people to help him or give him a chance.

The world doesn’t give anyone a chance; the people who succeed here always make their own chance and luck. You have been on this spot for too long. Get up and act. Live your greatest life!

3 thoughts on “Stop Sitting on The Edge”

  1. Vincent, you know I like your “make a decision, take action, get with it” philosophy. Seems to me that so much human talent and so many lives are wasted by being a butterfly who lacks confidence.


    1. Thank you David. You are right so many lives are wasted due to lack of confidence and inaction. I see people who make decisions but never act on them…and let their dreams die. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Blessings!

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