You Don’t Have Any Friends Until You Are Faced With Difficulty Yet

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Back in the day one Nigerian musician sang, “when the going is smooth and good, many, many people will be your friends…they will call you many names, they will say they love you, they will say they need you, they will say you are great and so on and so forth.” Agreeing with the old saying that success has many friends.

I bet there are many of you who at some point or the other experienced having many friends when the going was good for you. People don’t often appreciate adversity, most people never believe that everything that happens to us no matter how bad it may appear has some good embedded in it. And one of the good things about adversity or setbacks is that it reveals to us who our true friends are.

Many of us will realize when we are hit by some sudden misfortune that those people we called friends when we were doing so good were actually acquaintances who our successes, jobs or businesses attracted to us as you will indeed be very lucky if you still have a handful of real friends during those periods. If you want to know who your true friends are during challenging periods, ask them for help.

Even Christ’s friends deserted Him during His trying days, so don’t be surprised to find when you are down, that only very few people will want to help out and surely those ones are your friends of life. “A wise individual is the one who, when asked for assistance, recognizes that he may one day find himself in the same situation.” Be wise always be willing to help or stand by your friends in the days of adversity, because the tide may turn some day and you will be the one needing help.

Live your greatest life!

3 thoughts on “You Don’t Have Any Friends Until You Are Faced With Difficulty Yet”

  1. Good post, Vincent! Kudos, and Keep it up. …Also, You have to do something about Your site. When You give Your like or comment, the link to Your OLD site is given, which gives the message: Site deleted. Please see to that. Regards. 🙂


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