Who is Without Mistakes?

Photo credit: flickr.com
Photo credit: flickr.com

I was taking a stroll around the estate I live recently when I heard some loud screams coming from one of the buildings within, out of curiosity I paused my walk and listened. From what I could make it was a father and daughter argument, with the father threathening hell and brimstone on the daughter. In his own words the man was saying, “You are a disgrace to my name, a big disappointment and I really wished you weren’t my child. After all the investments and sacrifice I have made to give you a good life, all you can come up with is that you are pregnant?”

As I walked back home, I thought of that girl, and others like her who have been abused and shamed by their parents, family, friends, community, or churches because of the sins and mistakes they made with their lives. I thought about the angry father and others like him, and asked, has he been perfect all his life? Hasn’t he been making mistakes? What if God treated us the way we all deserved? What if God gave us instant judgement for our sins, how many of us will be alive today?

Many times we put people down because they feel to meet our standards. Remember the story of the woman caught in adultery who was to be stoned to death, and Christ’s question to the accusers? Any of you without sin cast the first stone.

Whether we are parents, seniors, teachers, guardians, we need to understand that the people under us are bound to sometimes go in the direction we are opposed to, and in spite of that, they still need our love and support and no matter how provoked and disappointed we feel, we can still make a choice not to lose our head, and the people we aim to punish just like the adage, “do not throw the child along with the bath water.” Live your greatest life!

3 thoughts on “Who is Without Mistakes?”

  1. Maybe what you didn’t hear was the reason why the father was so upset and angry, fear. He feared his daughter was going to ruin her life, fear that her mistakes would get her arrested, killed, raped, drugs, etc…Fear that she or he would never be able to recover. Not that his fear was expressed appropriately but being a parent is a work in progress…Not everyday is your best work!


  2. Such a great word. Such a great reminder to be careful, little mouth, what you say. I am more conscious than ever about the words I speak, even to my own 4-year-old son. Our words become their inner-voice and that can be a scary thought! Bless you brother.


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