It’s in You!

Your present and your future welfare depend mainly on yourself. Unfortunately many of us are looking outside of us for help. We assume that the influence of others on our behalf will enable us do better or accomplish more. While it is true that we need the cooperation of others in other to become successful, you can’t and shouldn’t surrender your power to others. You can’t sit around and expect others to do things for you that you should be doing for yourself.

Realize that you have within you all the powers, energies, ability, resources, for building a highly successful life. Remember the story told of a man who gave out talents to his servants as he was embarking on a journey, with a charge that they each invest their talents and present an account to him when he returns. According to the story, he gave one servant five talents, another he gave two talents while the last got one talent. On returning from his trip after several weeks of being away, the master called his servants to render accounts of their talents.

The servant who got five talents told the master how he had invested his talents and was able to double his talents from five to ten. The servant who got two told the master that he too doubled his from two to four. When it was the turn of the servant that got one talent, he dug up his one talent where he had hidden it and presented it back to his master. He was angry that he was given just one single talent, and this really enraged the master who reprimanded the servant.

Most of us are like the servant who was reprimanded. We are always looking at the gifts and talents of others compared with our own. We complain about the opportunities of others, the chances others have and use that as an excuse for our failures and mediocrity. Folks the important question to ask is not whether you have many talents or not, but what practical use are you making of your one great talent?

There is one great gift which is distinctly your own and it is your duty to discover, develop and use it. What you do about your single talent is what will determine how successful you become in life. Sometimes it takes courage for you to use your gift and change your world, but you need not worry because the courage has been given you already by God.

I hope this inspires you to live your greatest life!

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